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Updates on Executive Order

As of late February, there are rumors that a new Executive Order on Immigration is on the way, so please stay-tuned for updates.

On Thursday, February 9, a federal appeals court unanimously rejected a Trump administration request to allow its travel ban to take effect. This ruling, however, does not affect the reduced refugee admissions cap, which remains at 50,000. Read the Court’s Opinion.

Friday, January 27, President Trump issued an executive order on immigration. Here’s a summary of the order’s affects:

  • A ban on entry for 90 days of all immigrants and non-immigrants, for nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
  • Stops most refugee admissions for at least four months: 120-day pause in refugee admissions to the U.S. with exceptions permitted for those fleeing religious persecution if their religion is a minority in their country of nationality.
  • Blocks refugees from war-torn Syria from entering the U.S. indefinitely.
  • Caps total refugee admissions for fiscal year 2017 at 50,000 – less than half of the 110,000 proposed by the Obama administration.

We will publish updates as we are able.

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