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Our hearts go out to the people starting anew after leaving Afghanistan, and to those who are still seeking safety. We will continue to share information, resources, and opportunities on this page as we receive them.

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February 17: In the last six months, the Institute has formally welcomed more than 200 Afghan evacuees into our resettlement program. Read the latest news and ways to help here.


Resources for U.S. Citizens in Afghanistan and Afghan people seeking safety:

·        U.S. citizens, their spouses, and minor children of U.S. citizens should complete a Repatriation Assistance Request through the U.S. Embassy in Kabul online.

·        This is a developing situation. U.S. Congressional offices are offering assistance to Minnesotans seeking help for their family members. If you are a family member of someone seeking safety, please contact your U.S. Representative. Locate your Representative by ZIP Code at the top of this webpage:

·        The Institute’s Immigration Services staff are answering calls from families in Minnesota seeking additional resources. Please call 651-377-8639 if you are seeking support for your family members.

·        For more information, please visit USCRI’s website: “Resources for Afghan Allies.”


Resources for Community Supporters and Allies:

Ways you can help:

1)    A financial donation to the Institute’s Afghan Refugee Family Fund is the most meaningful way to support the International Institute of Minnesota’s resettlement efforts. Your contribution will support the costs of resettling families of Afghan evacuees. 50% of your gift will be used to cover the direct costs of resettlement (rent payments, deposit, and other needed supplies) and 50% of your donation will be used to provide services (immigration legal support, finding housing, registering for school, securing health insurance, employment help, and other resources for newly arrived families).


2)     We are not accepting donated goods. The Institute has very limited resources to accept donated items, such as clothing, furniture, diapers, or toiletries. Sorting, storing, and transporting donated goods and clothing takes time and resources. Please make a financial donation to the Afghan Refugee Family Fund instead. We are accepting limited offers by groups interested in organizing and delivering donations on an as-needed basis. If you would like to organize a donation drive to collect housing supplies, toiletries, and other items needed by families when they arrive, and are willing to store and transport your donations when needed, please visit the “Donate Goods” page of our website to view the checklist and learn more.


3) If you are a rental property owner, we need your support in identifying affordable long-term housing opportunities for refugees and parolees. The need is especially great for three- and four-bedroom apartments. Please share your rental opportunities with our Refugee Services team using the form at the bottom of our Housing Services page.


For more information on ways to help, please visit our blog post featuring frequently asked questions.


Resources for Journalists:

·        Media Inquiries for the International Institute of Minnesota can be directed here

·        Steps Afghan Refugees Must Take to Secure a Special Immigrant Visa

·        Minnesota Refugee Arrivals by Nationality (includes Afghanistan)

·        Minnesota Refugee Arrival Map

·        Overview of Minnesota’s Refugee Resettlement Providers

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