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Our nursing assistant students are often studying in their second (or third) language, yet they out perform students from other programs on the skills section of the state certification exam for nursing assistants, a test required for employment as a nursing assistant.

But what happens when our students fail? Here is the story of one of our students who faced this challenge.

Nursing Assistant State Certification Exam Passing Rates (94% on skills for Institute students, 79% state average) & Expenses ($203 for whole exam, $161 for skills, $92 for written section)

We register failed students for exam retakes and provide transportation to and from the exam site as necessary, but they are fully responsible for paying for their retake. For some of our students, paying the $92 for a written retake or $161 for a skills retake is a huge challenge.

Last session, one unemployed student failed the skills section of the exam, and she was not sure how she would afford to retake it.

Her classmates were confident that she could pass the retake if given the opportunity. Half of her class was unemployed, and collectively, the class was living at 73% of federal poverty level. Despite the limitations of their own resources, they took initiative and came together to collect the $161 necessary for her retake. She successfully passed her first retake and is now excitedly looking for a job.

Two months ago, these students were strangers, but now, they are not only certified nursing assistants, but also a community of friends.

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