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Syrian Refugees About to Receive a Vote of Support from St. Paul

Jay Kolls, ABC 6 News.

In an uncommon move, the St. Paul City Council stands ready to give a vote of support to Syrian refugees.

The city council is expected to approve a resolution, Wednesday, that sends a strong message of support to Syrian refugees who might resettle in the state’s capitol city.

One city council member, who did not want to talk publicly about the resolution until it was up for discussion before the full city council said the resolution, in part, is a response to a remark by President-elect, Donald Trump.

While campaigning, Trump said, if elected, he would seek a moratorium on Syrian refugees coming to the United States, because there was a security risk of potential terrorists coming into the country undetected.

Right now, the Minnesota Department of Human Services said there are only 39 Syrian refugees in Minnesota.

But one non-profit agency that specializes in helping all refugees resettle in Minnesota, said there will probably be more Syrian refugees coming into Minnesota than the previous two years, but not many more.

“I think you will see a higher number of Syrian refugees coming to Minnesota, in 2017, but I also think it will be in the same neighborhood as 2015 and 2016 which saw 18 and 21 refugees respectively,” said Jane Graupman, Executive Director, International Institute of Minnesota.

“And, it is nice to see a city council, for a city as large as St. Paul, take a stand publicly to let all refugees know they are welcome in Minnesota,” Graupman said.

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