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Cookbook by Students: Cooking for Life

UPDATE (December 2022): No longer for sale.

We are proud to announce the release of Cooking for Life: Recipes from Around the World a 50 + recipe cookbook written by the students in the Institute’s English for Work program. These recipes are from cultures all over the world.

Highlights Include:

  • Karen Pickled Tea Leaf Salad (Lehpet Thoke)
  • Somali Fried Dumplings (Sambusa)
  • Palestinian Chicken and Rice (Maqluba)
  • Venezuelan Arepas (Arepas)
  • Ukrainian Thin Pancakes (Bellini)
  • And dozens more!

Our students are adult refugees and immigrants, and when they arrive in our class, they bring with them a lifetime of experience and a wealth of talent. Students from all four levels of our program, from pre-literate to pre-GED, had a blast collaborating on this cookbook. After weeks of writing recipes, trial cooking, photography, and editing, we have created a selection of recipes of which we are truly proud. Here are a few words from our chefs:

  • “I cook everyday for my daughter. She’s working on her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. I fill every recipe with love, and I am so happy to share my recipes.” -Amparo from Colombia
  • “Every recipe is filled with tradition. It is good to share these traditions with other Minnesotans. Remember to pinch the corners of the sambusa [Somali fried dumplings] closed tight so that no oil gets in!” -Maryan from Somalia

Our students come to the Institute so that we can equip them with the language skills they need to achieve their goals. When you purchase a cookbook you become a critical part of their journey, as 100% of the proceeds are invested in our students.

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