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Hire Housekeepers

Build your team: Hire a graduate of the Hospitality Career Pathway Program

Our Graduates:
– Are motivated, reliable, respectful and have a strong work ethic
– Are multilingual in a variety of languages including: Amharic, Arabic, Somali, Karen, Swahili and French
– Are seeking long-term employment in the Hospitality industry
– Have work authorization in the US

We offer training in:

  • Housekeeping Skills
    • Industry –Specific English
    • Cleaning & Sanitation Procedure
    • Chemical Safety
    • Customer Service practices
    • Bed-Making Basics & Speed Skills
    • Basic Computer Skills
  • Dietary Aide
    • Industry- Specific English
    • Food Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Specialty Diets & Patient Orders
    • Common Dialogues
    • American Foods
  • Supervisor & Leadership in Hospitality
    • Advanced Customer Service
    • Employee Training Techniques
    • Giving sincere, timely, and specific Feedback
    • Data Entry Basics
    • Best Practices in Interviewing and Scheduling
    • Job readiness coaching and soft skills development
    • Financial coaching
    • Extensive on-boarding support
    • Scheduling interviews
    • Filling out pre-employment forms
    • Transportation assistance
    • Assisting English language learners in understanding and applying workplace training materials

How to get involved:

  • Become an employment partner: send us updates on your current job openings and we will refer graduates to you based on your needs
  • Host a class of students for a tour of your facility
  • Host a Supervisor student in a job shadowing opportunity
  • Attend our annual Job Fair – email us for details of when the next one will be
  • Workshops available upon request.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact Lynn Thompson at 651-377-8626 or

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