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Why should you hire a graduate of the Institute’s Hotel Housekeeping Training?

Our participants are:

  • selected for their motivation, reliability, and  work ethic
  • equipped with job readiness training and cultural orientation
  • multi-lingual, and employment counselors can refer you to qualified candidates who are fluent in Arabic, Somali, Karen, or one of many more languages and dialects
  • all refugees and asylees have been screened by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and are e-verifiable


  • Employers qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, worth up to $2,400 for every graduate hired.

In addition to providing Twin Cities employers with skilled and reliable housekeeping staff, we provide our employer partners with on-going employment support services. These free services include:

Communication with English Second Language Learners
By Appointment
Customized for employers
45 minutes-2 hours depending on employer needs
This customizable workshop will teach immediate supervisors and hospitality managers effective communication strategies for people with beginning to intermediate English language capability.

Working with Diversity Among Refugees and Asylees in Minnesota
By Appointment
Customized for employers
45 minutes-2 hours, depending on employer needs
The hospitality industry has long been a place of linguistic and cultural diversity. This workshop is tailored for workplace training days and addresses cross-cultural communication topics specific to Minnesota’s linguistically diverse population, as well as to employers of refugees and asylees.

Hotel Housekeeping Training
Offered year-round
6-week class: Recommended for students who want to work in hotel housekeeping
This 100-hour class trains prospective hotel housekeepers in customer service, industry-specific English, housekeeping skills, and soft skills. Students receive workers’ safety and speed training.

Supervisor Training
Offered year-round
3-week class: Recommended for working housekeepers
We help experienced, working housekeepers gain the skills needed to move into a supervisory or training position. Through classes and collaborative workshops with our Hotel Housekeeping class, students will learn positive feedback and teaching techniques as well as develop supervisory skills.

College Readiness for Hospitality
Offered year-round
3-week class and ongoing support during first college semester
For clients who want to pursue a degree in hospitality management at Normandale Community College
This course is designed to prepare students currently working in the hospitality industry for college-level courses in hotel department management. Students will gain industry-specific skills such as critical thinking, college writing, and technological fluency to support them in pursuing a college degree in hospitality management.

For more information, contact Julie Rawe.

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