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Please take a moment to remind our elected representatives that we support refugee resettlement and Muslim immigration. Here are a few talking points for you:

For additional language, you can read the official response from our national agency, U.S. Commission for Refugees and Immigrants.

Find your elected representatives and contact the White House. Notes on contacting the White House:

  • To call the White House, dial (202) 456-1414. This will take you to the switch board. Press 1 for the comment line. As of 3:30 pm central time on 1/28, the comment line is closed.
  • To email the White House, go to https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact. Please be aware that there is a 2,500 character count limit.

If you have any suggestions or additions for these talking points, please email Emily at EHipps@iimn.org.

To get the last updates on the implications of this executive order on our work, please check out our updates page.

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