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Prepare for Your LRIF Appointment

How should I prepare for my Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness (LRIF) appointment?

When we schedule your appointment, we will tell you what documents you need. Options to send documents:

Make sure to send/upload all the pictures of your documents before your appointment. This will help the caseworker fill out the application and will make your meeting efficient. Helpful videos:

How to Upload Your Documents Video

How To Download Zoom & Prepare for Your Video Meeting (Do this before your appointment)

After our initial screening, we will send you a list of documents that we will be looking for to complete your application. This may include the following:

Possible Documents Needed for Your LRIF Appointment

  • Your current and/or previous work permits
  • Your current and/or previous immigration documents
  • Copies of previous immigration forms submitted to USCIS
  • Liberian passport*
  • Liberian birth certificate*
  • Entry documents (if you used these documents)
  • Taxes for 2014-2019 if filed
  • Leases from 2014 to present
  • Pay stubs from 2014 to present
  • Employment verification letters
  • School enrollment forms
  • Advance parole documents (only if you left the United States temporarily)

Additional Information to Prepare

  • Residential history from 2015 to present, with move in and move out dates
  • Work history from 2015 to present, with start and end dates
  • Marital history
    • Name of current and/or previous spouses, date of birth, city and country of birth, marriage date, place of marriage, divorce/death date, place of that event
  • Children (all children of any age anywhere in the world)
    • Date of birth, city and country of birth, current location

*If you don’t have a Liberian passport or birth certificate, this will be further discussed at your appointment.

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