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Class Level Descriptions

Beginning 1

For those without any knowledge of the Spanish Language, emphasizing simple conversation and everyday vocabulary. Upon completion, the student will be able to formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities, forms of politeness, likes, and dislikes. Material covered includes:

  • Numbers and ordinal numbers, general everyday vocabulary, seasons, dates, days, months, time, and currency
  • Intro to definite and indefinite articles, adverbs, common adjectives and nouns
  • Position and concordance of adjective (number and gender), demonstrative and possessive adjectives
  • Ser vs. Estar
  • Present regular verbs ending in AR, ER, and IR
  • Question words

Beginning 2

A continuation for students to develop vocabulary for topics including the weather, seasons, sports, leisure, food, restaurants, holidays, and clothing, as well as an introduction to:

  • Interrogative phrases
  • Irregular verbs
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Intro to por and para, prepositions, and verb “gustar”
  • Present progressive – present participle – present indicative
  • Idiomatic expressions and vocabulary building

Beginning 3

For students with a small working vocabulary and basic knowledge of the present, and preterite. This is a great class for students returning to study after a hiatus. The class covers:

  • Formal and informal commands
  • Past tense
  • Introduction to the imperfect
  • Intro to pronouns; direct and indirect
  • Prepositions and comparisons

Intermediate 1

Intermediate levels serve students who already have learned the basic foundation in Beginning courses and are ready for further practice in expressing themselves with increased spontaneity in everyday situations. This level includes practice in building on the foundations of basic structures and vocabulary use. The class covers:

  • Conditional tense, future tense, and present perfect
  • The sophisticated differences between preterit and imperfect
  • Idioms and idiomatic dialogue
  • Listening and reading comprehension
  • Use of verb ‘haber’ and writing skills

Intermediate 2

For students who are comfortable with the basics covered in previous courses, Intermediate 2 allows students more comprehensive study of:

  • Continued study of verb “gustar” and verbs with the same structure
  • Continued study of future simple and conditional; prepositional phrases
  • Ser, estar, hacer, haber, tener, and expressions of time
  • Present perfect
  • Subjunctive mood (present and imperfect) and the accompanying grammatical structures
  • Develops knowledge of the imperfect subjunctive; indicative and prepositional phrases


For students who are comfortable with all previous levels of Spanish study, Advanced allows students to use Spanish in new ways for:

  • Continued study of the subjunctive mood (perfect, imperfect, and pluperfect) and the accompanying grammatical structures
  • Continued study of future simple, compound, and conditional
  • Para/Por and prepositional phrases
  • Producing presentations and debates to develop analytical, critical, and constructive thinking skills in the target language
  • In depth looks at cultural knowledge and influences on the Spanish language around the world

If you would like further information or to enroll in class, please contact Stacy Dietrich.

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