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About Hospitality Program Clients

About Hospitality Program Clients

  • About 80% of our clients are located in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. They are looking for jobs close to their homes.
  • The majority of our clients travel by bus and/or have limited access to transportation. The average commute time for clients taking public transit is 30-45 minutes.
  • Many clients in the Housekeeping program may have limited English and technology proficiency. Our program offers education in these areas, but this will need to be continued and reinforced in the workplace.
  • All our clients are new Americans, and some are looking for their first job in the US. We teach a lot about American workplace culture, but there is always more to learn.
  • We recommend employers to be flexible during the hiring process. This includes assisting with the application process, onboarding employees, and ELL friendly training.
  • Our clients have diverse backgrounds and skill sets: from being a homemaker to long professional careers in their home countries.
  • Clients come from over 40 countries and have communication abilities in 58 languages.

What Employers Can Do To Support

  • Participate in our employer workshops on ways to support immigrant employees.
  • Develop ELL friendly training and create easy to navigate application processes.
  • Find solutions around transportation if there isn’t any accessible public transportation to your location.
  • Participate in our program’s mock interview days.
  • Host a class visit at your location.
  • Host a supervisor shadowing experience for one of our professional leadership students.
  • Attend our annual job fair.
  • Become an employer partner. If you are interested in becoming an employer partner, please fill out this form to help us get to know your organization.

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