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2017 – 2018


  • Kitty Gogins, President | Business Consultant
  • Mary Miklethun, Vice President | SVP Regulatory Oversight & Customer Advocacy, U.S. Bank
  • Mark Kalla, Treasurer | Partner, Lapp, Libra, Thomson, Stoebner & Pusch, Chartered
  • Elaine Olson, Secretary | Cargill
  • Jon Justin, At-Large Member | Accenture


  • Kevin Barton | Land O’ Lakes
  • Zhu “June” Cheng | Attorney, Fredrikson & Byron P.A.
  • Dave Depaepe | Business Manager and Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank
  • Charles Horwitz | Director, Government Contract Compliance, 3M Company
  • Jeffrey L. Mandel, MD | Retired, Internal Medicine Physician
  • Carolyn NestingenRetired, Attorney
  • Jerry Nolte | Economist
  • Aydurus Osman | Director, Soma Transportation Service
  • Kate Tilney | Self-Employed
Board members and the staff leadership team brainstorming for the Institute’s strategic plan.

Board Committees

Building Committee

  • Chair: Dr. Jeff Mandel
  • Members: Michael Donahue, Carol Garbisch, Jane Graupman, Glen Skovholt
  • Summary: To oversee the expansion of the Institute

Capital Campaign Committee

  • Chair: Kate Tilney
  • Members: Dave DePaepe, Kitty Gogins
  • Summary: To assist in raising capital funds for the expansion of the Institute

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Kitty Gogins
  • Members: Mark Kalla, Carolyn Nestingen, Glen Skovholt
  • Summary: To guide and direct the overall governance of the board and organization and to ensure current operations conform with articles and bylaws

Festival of Nations Committee

  • Chair: Charles Horwitz
  • Members: June Cheng, Kitty Gogins
  • Summary: To plan, organize, execute, and ensure the long-term viability of the Festival of Nations

Fiscal & Administration Committee

  • Chair: Carolyn Nestingen
  • Members: Mark Kalla, Jeff Mandel, Gerry Nolte, Mary Miklethun
  • Summary: To assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities relating to the fiscal and administrative management of the Institute

Outreach & Development Committee

  • Chair: Mary Miklethun
  • Members: June Cheng, Dave DePaepe, Gerry Nolte
  • Summary: To support fundraising, events, and public relations for the Institute

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