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Tap Into the Talents of New Americans

Our employment counselors look forward to learning about your staffing needs so we can match skilled, motivated New Americans with your open positions. We welcome a wide range of employment opportunities.

With labor shortages impacting almost every job sector in the Twin Cities, we can help place workers where you need them most.

Looking to fill jobs in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing 0r professional careers? Our employment services team can connect you with qualified applicants who are eager and prepared to work.

Make an Impact

Our Job Training Programs

We specialize in workforce development and provide support to immigrants and refugees who are ready to work. Learn more about our nationally recognized programs that serve as models for workforce development for New Americans. Job shadowing, internships, class tours and mock interview opportunities are invaluable experiences, and we welcome employer partners who can help us make this possible for our clients.

  • Hospitality Careers Pathway

    We teach and practice English with highly motivated New Americans for entry-level employment in housekeeping, dietary aide and cashiering at hotels and service centers in the Twin Cities.

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  • Nursing Assistant Training

    Our program exceeds Minnesota state standards by providing extensive skills and clinical instruction, as well as specialized cross-cultural instruction. We have trained and certified over 3,000 nursing assistants since 1990. Many have gone on to pursue advanced healthcare careers.

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  • Medical Careers Pathway

    We help employ those born outside the U.S. who are already experienced, internationally-trained physicians or medical professionals, or who are graduating from Minnesota nursing programs or other medical career training

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What Employers are Saying

Why Hire New Americans?

Hiring immigrants and refugees brings diverse perspectives, increases innovation and bolsters your workforce with dedicated employees to drive your business forward.

  • Qualified Employees

    We identity highly motivated individuals and pre-screen skill levels and work experiences. Before and after starting new jobs, we continue to support these individuals to foster positive work relationships.

  • Multilingual & Multicultural

    Our clients are often proficient in multiple languages beyond English, allowing companies to better serve Minnesota’s linguistically and culturally diverse communities.

  • Increased Retention

    Refugees and immigrants bring a strong work ethic to the companies they work for. Our candidates are eager to work and support their families — leading to high retention and low turnover rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We refer candidates who have work authorization in the U.S. Our candidates do not require immigration sponsorship from employers.

Our students and clients come with a range of English language ability. We will match the person’s language level with your needs. Students in our job training programs passed an English proficiency test before enrolling to ensure their ability to work in those roles upon graduation.

We work hard to match a candidate’s education and background with employers’ needs. We work with a wide range of candidates, from those ready for entry level jobs, to those with advanced degrees and professional experience. Some have worked in various industries including engineering, accounting, education, healthcare and law. While others have worked as farmers, small business owners and homemakers.

For entry level positions, it is helpful to provide employment policies, forms and training materials in alternative languages. Integrating images into training, reducing the use of idioms and using simple words to communicate your message can help English language learners better understand training materials. Employers can also utilize phone interpretation and in-person interpretation services during the onboarding process to ensure that all information is understood.

You may also find our employer handbook, Finding Common Ground, useful for bridging culture gaps in the workplace.

Finding Common Ground

Learn how to successfully integrate New Americans into your team.

Our clients are looking for a welcoming workplace that values their skills and where they will be treated with dignity and respect. They seek opportunities where they can contribute, continue learning and build a life to support themselves and their families. We created the Finding Common Ground handbook to answer some of the most common questions we hear from employers.

New Americans hold trays of drinking glasses while in job training.

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If you have a job opportunity or partnership idea, we would love to hear from you.

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Employment Navigator
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