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Addressing the mental health needs for Minnesota refugees

by Ava Kian | MinnPost

September 12, 2023 | Micaela Schuneman, Senior Director of Refugee and Immigration Services at the Institute, speaks with Ava Kian about the barriers refugees face when addressing mental health issues.

“We often found was people who had been here one or two years, and they’re going through one of our career paths (courses). That’s sort of the point where they realize they’re pretty stressed out and it might be more than just regular stress. It might be like, ‘Actually I need to talk to someone about this.’ Because they’ve settled a little bit. They’re working, the kids are in school, certain things have settled, and now they’re trying to advance their skills and then they realize there’s a barrier here, ” says Schuneman.

Photo by Ava Kian