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Hopes for the Future

November 2016

The Institute’s Advanced English for Work students have been studying civics. Yesterday and today they witnessed democracy in action. For many of these students, this will be the first peaceful transition of power they have experienced. It is a deeply meaningful day for them. In celebration of Democracy, the class put together a list of prayers and hopes for the new President of the United States. These statements represent the views of the students who wrote them; they do not reflect the views of the International Institute of Minnesota, which is a nonpartisan agency.

In light of the election results, I pray that…

  • I pray for all people to be happy
  • I pray that the U.S. government will not kick immigrant people out of the country.
  • I pray that Donald Trump has the wisdom of God.
  • I pray that all immigrants will live safely in the U.S.
  • I pray that Trump will let immigrants stay in the United States.
  • I pray that Trump understands other’s people’s feelings.
  • I pray that new president Trump makes good economic decisions for all refugee lives.
  • I pray that trump doesn’t drive refugees out. I don’t want my friends to lose their parents.

I hope that….

  • People will still show respect to immigrants and women.
  • I hope that everyone is still treated equally.
  • I hope that Trump will be a good President in the U.S.A.
  • I hope that everybody will be happy.
  • I hope that the new President will not ignore new Americans,
  • I pray that Mr. Trump’s campaign words are not put into action.
  • I pray that the U.S. President and the U.S. government will save immigrants and women and children and homeless.

Additionally, we have a few words from Lavinia Limon, the President and CEO of our national affiliate, USCRI:

“We encourage our new President to continue the tradition of the best of American values including equal protection and respect for every member of society.  Worldwide, millions are denied basic human rights and we are strengthened as a country when all of humanity is recognized.  America has always been the beacon of hope for the oppressed and this must continue.”

“Our nationwide network provides pivotal life-readiness services to ensure every person is empowered with the skills and tools needed to become self-sufficient after surviving war; torture; trafficking; persecution and trauma.  Throughout our history refugees and immigrants have been welcomed to America by Presidents from both parties in war and in peace and the current global refugee crisis is no time to shrink from this leadership.”

“We know that communities across the nation continue to stand ready to welcome new arrivals; break down barriers and support refugees and immigrants as they successfully integrate into new communities.”