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Moving Forward with Metro Transit

We recently had three guests from Metro Transit speak to our English for Work students about career pathways in Metro Transit. The students enjoyed learning about these opportunities, especially since one of the guest speakers was a New American himself, who has worked his way from Bus Driver to Bus Driver Instructor.

Here is a sampling of the thank you letters written to the presenters composed by students from the Gold-level English class:

Metro Transit Presenters in English class“I would like to say thank you for visiting us at the International Institute .First of all, I am happy that you addressed a lot of information about Metro Transit over all Detail. So I would like to say you are super, And also Thank you for your gift.” -Alfeya

“Thank you for coming last Tuesday. We are thankful for your presentation. “ -Edouard

“I really want to say thank you so much for coming to present to our class on Tuesday about how to apply and how to get a job and also the gift of the little train you guys give us. I enjoyed  listening  to everything you guys said and also it was interesting. I did learn a lot when you guys came last time. I learned how to read and how to look for the map which direction to go like North South West and East.” -Heny

“I would like to thank you for coming to our class. We enjoyed with you and I would like to thank you again because you answered all our questions. When I get my driving license I’d like to work for you, Metro Transit.” -Doaa