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Statement for the Protection of Children

For Immediate Release:
June 22, 2018

SAINT PAUL, MN: The International Institute of Minnesota provides services through the Unaccompanied Children program and has for many years. Safety and family privacy are our priority.

We strongly oppose the policies of family separation and detention. We urge the Administration to act swiftly to reunify toddlers, youth and teens with their family members as the highest priority. We urge increasing the use of alternatives to detention in compliance with international law which indicates immigration detention must be used as a last resort. For more details, please refer to USCRI, our national organization’s statement, with which we are in complete alignment.

Our responsibility is to ensure a safe reunification with family or legal guardians. We assist families with referrals to legal services and with school enrollment, healthcare, food support, mental health, and connection to community resources.

You can contribute to supporting services for these children, and their families, by making a contribution here.