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Dr. Nicholas Bubak

International Medical Graduate Coordinator

Before coming to Minnesota in the autumn of 2022, Nick Bubak lived in Liverpool, UK earning his Ph.D. in History/Political Science and working as an instructor and researcher at the University of Liverpool. While he enjoyed his career in academia, time spent with a university outreach program in which he worked directly with immigrant students led him to change gears and pursue a career in international policy.

Nick Bubak works with internationally-trained physicians who want to relicense and practice medicine in the U.S. Nick enjoys the diversity of his job, which allows him to work in international and healthcare policy, but also directly with clients in the day-to-day. The camaraderie and support of his colleagues, as well as the unwavering commitment to supporting immigrants’ transition to the U.S. by everyone at the Institute, motivates Nick to continuously improve his department and advocate for his clients.