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Emily Lindell

Case Manager

Emily received her bachelor’s in international studies through the University of North Texas, where she was able to exercise her Spanish speaking capabilities amongst the diverse population. People are truly her passion and drive, which led her to the major. She deeply enjoys learning about different backgrounds and ways of thinking from around the world.  Emily’s background is in dealing with trauma in many different forms, and specifically worked as a Transitional Living Assistant at a program house for women who have been sex trafficked.

It is an honor to be able to stand alongside victim-survivors in their personal journey towards safety and healing. Throughout her educational career in international studies and trauma background, she learned the importance of the balance between supporting individuals while also giving them autonomy over their healing. That is why she closely aligns with the values of International Institute of Minnesota, and their vision of helping New Americans achieve self-sufficiency. She is proud to be an Anti- Trafficking Case Manager for such a multi-faceted, well-run organization.


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