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Hassan Alasow

Matching Grant Case Manager

Hassan’s degree in General Studies from Central Maine Community College is a solid foundation for his professional life. His commitment to helping others was evident through his work as a case manager at Catholic Charities of Maine, where he assisted newcomers to the country, specifically refugees. This role involved providing critical support to individuals and families during a challenging transition period. After working in Maine, Hassan transition to working at the Institute as a Refugee Resettlement Case Manager.

His current role as a Matching Grant Case Manager demonstrates his continued growth and leadership in the field. Matching grants are an essential part of refugee resettlement programs, and managing these grants effectively ensures that refugees have access to necessary resources for their successful integration into American life. Hassan’s hobbies and interests reveal a well-rounded and adventurous personality. Engaging in sports like soccer, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming, and having a passion for travel and experiencing diverse cultures show a love for exploration and personal growth.