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Josefina GerĂ³nimo

Unaccompanied Children Case Manager

Josefina is excited to be in this position, where she can serve unaccompanied children and ensure ethnorelative support. What motivates her the most about this role and working at the Institute is the opportunity to work with diverse communities, both within the organization and in the community.

Throughout her prior teaching career, she worked with various age groups and settings, including elementary and adult schools, and has experience in Spanish Language and Culture, English as a New Language, Ethnomathematics, and Culturally Responsive Family and Digital Literacy.

As a First-Generation Student turned First-Generation Professional, she is dedicated to advocating for antiracist practices and empowering underserved communities. She holds a BA in Spanish with a minor in Multicultural Education, a California Teaching Credential with a Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) Authorization, and a MA in Multicultural Education from California State University, Sacramento.