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Lisbeth Samaniego

Case Manager

Lisbeth Samaniego’s background includes significant experiences as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador. In her role as a Case Manager, she strives every day to offer comprehensive support to survivors, contributing to the creation of a more compassionate and understanding environment. Her professional work is a testament to her dedication to facilitating access to resources and emotional support, especially for those navigation challenges within the system.

Her commitment to the Spanish-speaking community is reflected in her work “ No eres tu, no soy yo, es la ansiedad” (It’s not you, it’s not me, is the anxiety), a book born from her desire to address the challenges faced by immigrants in an often-chaotic system.

By sharing her experience and knowledge, she aspires to provide resources and a beacon of hope from her position at the International Institute of Minnesota.

A woman with long brown hair and glasses wearing a blue shirt and brown sweater vest