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Najma Mohamed

Reception and Placement Case Manager

Najma Mohamed graduated from the University of Saint Thomas with bachelor’s degree in public health and a minor in sustainability, her academic journey was complemented by internships and volunteer work with local organizations in Minnesota, where she engaged and worked with diverse communities from various backgrounds and walks of life. Through these experiences, she has developed an understanding that each community and individual’s journey is unique and the importance of applied client assessment in crafting service plans tailored to specific needs.  Najma’s approach emphasized holistic solutions that address immediate needs while also considering long-term goals.

Najma is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency, resilience and resourcefulness that go beyond addressing immediate challenges. She recognizes the significance of cultural sensitivity in the resettlement process and is committed to mitigating potential barriers faced by the refugee population in their new home. By prioritizing personalized service and strategic planning, Najma strives to ensure positive outcomes for the individuals and communities she serves.

Najma looking at camera