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Santiago Suarez

Unaccompanied Children Case Manager

Santiago Suarez, born in Colombia and raised in Medellin, embarked on a transformative journey in the city where he studied, graduating as a social worker with an emphasis in Organizational Social Responsibility and community development.

In mid-2022, Santiago arrived in the United States, having worked in the social work field, which generated great passion and enthusiasm, where he dedicated his efforts to working with migrants in worker centers and organizing day laborers by establishing safe places. His commitment extended to ensuring the safeguarding of labor and human rights in these communities. In addition, his experience highlighted his dedication to the welfare of communities, with an emphasis on public health initiatives.

Santiago’s impactful career began in Colombia, where he worked with diverse marginalized groups such as women’s collectives, LGBTIQ+ communities, the homeless and rural populations. His efforts focused on curbing the environmental and social impact of industrial practices, advocating for sustainable and equitable community development.

He considers himself a fierce advocate for human rights, social justice and gender equality. Santiago’s experiences and dedication to sustainable community development reflect his unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive environments and promoting diversity in all facets of society.