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Valerie Geary

Nurse Instructor

Valerie Geary is a Minnesota native and one of its biggest cheerleaders. She thoroughly enjoys getting to share her favorite place with some of its newest residents, often helping them better understand such things as the awesomeness of a parking lot full of snow. In return, she gets to vicariously experience the rest of the world through her students.

After graduating with a degree in nursing from Winona State, teaching has been a mainstay of Valerie’s career both in and out of healthcare. The connection between teaching and healthcare is by far what excites Valerie the most.

She trains over 100 students each year to become dynamite nursing assistants, using her skills to put the most caregiving out into the world as possible. Being able to do that within an extraordinary organization like the Institute, with truly remarkable students, is just icing on the cake.