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College Readiness Classroom Volunteer

Position Description

Oversee the math and computer tutoring. Students participate in a 10-week English course. Additional Monday and Wednesday sessions are an additional component which was added to help students become more successful in math skills. Students are adult refugees and immigrants who are working as nursing assistants and preparing to advance their medical careers in the near future.

This position will allow you to experience working with students of diverse backgrounds, managing volunteers and students, evaluating the success of a program, and taking part in the development of a crucial part of a non-profit program. In addition, this component allows our students to advance their math and computer skills, which otherwise would not be possible.

Estimated hours/week:

On-site at The International Institute of Minnesota, 1694 Como Avenue, Saint Paul MN 55108. Virtual hy-flex support may be needed.

More Information

Good communication and interpersonal skills, experience in leading groups, knowledge of basic computer applications, competence in basic (pre-algebra to algebra level) mathematics, interest in diverse cultures.

At specific times: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday and as needed to maintain good communication with tutors and program supervisor.

Training will be done by the Program Supervisor prior to 10-week class dates.

Contact Us

Call or email us if you have questions about volunteering.

Rachel Kennedy
Volunteer and Community Partnerships Manager
(651) 377-8663