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Refugee Mentor


Position Description

Befriend and orient newly arrived refugees by meeting weekly. As a mentor, you will offer guidance to your matched individual or family to help them navigate life in Minnesota. This could include opportunities to:

  • attend community events
  • practice English together
  • learn how to use public transportation
  • explore community resources, such as the library

Estimated hours/week:

Remote or in person (you choose)

More Information

  • Attend Refugee Mentor Training
  • Stay in weekly contact with Refugee Partner for minimum of 3 months
  • Listen and provide support
  • Introduce community opportunities available in the Twin Cities
  • Provide opportunity for Refugee Partner to communicate, work and play in new culture
  • Contact IIM staff weekly by email or phone and describe types of events and/or activities done together and identify successes and challenges faced by Refugee Partner
  • Fill out weekly log of dates met and activities done together and send to IIM staff
  • Demonstrate patience while your Refugee Partner begins to understand USA culture
  • Demonstrate patience while you begin to understand Refugee Partner’s culture

  • Patient, flexible, adaptable and resourceful
  • Good cross-cultural communication skills
  • Knowledge of community resources and events

  • Face to Face meetings (flexible times, weekly for 3 months)
  • Visits with Refugee Partner once every week for a minimum of 3 months. Average of 2-3 hours or more per week, especially during the first few weeks.  Meetings are very flexible as you can set your own schedule with your Refugee Partner.

Refugee Mentor Training will take place at the International Institute of Minnesota. The training takes 3-4 hours.

Contact Us

Call or email us if you have questions about volunteering.

Rachel Kennedy
Volunteer and Community Partnerships Manager
(651) 377-8663