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Transforming the Lives of New Americans

By providing New Americans with opportunities for a new beginning, education and career support, the International Institute of Minnesota (IIMN) impacted the lives of over 4,500 people just this year.

Our work began 104 years ago, when IIMN offered Minnesota’s first English and citizenship classes to immigrants arriving after World War I. Since then, our staff, expertise and mission have grown, while our dedication to welcoming New Americans remains a cornerstone of our daily work.

Whether refugee, immigrant, asylee or trafficking survivor, IIMN is an essential partner as new Minnesotans work toward self-sufficiency and full membership in American life.

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We Welcome Refugees

Our Refugee Services team empowers new arrivals to take the first steps toward a new life in Minnesota, while supporting them through the transition to a new culture.

25,000 refugees resettled by IIMN since 1975
IIMN refugee clients come from 40 countries
More than 90% reunite with family members who live in Minnesota

We Help Overcome Barriers to U.S. Citizenship

As leading experts in citizenship support, we guide immigrants and refugees on their path to naturalization and the opportunity to fully participate in American democracy.

94% success rate for citizenship applicants last year
901 clients became U.S. citizens last year
70% of IIMN clients qualify for USCIS fee waiver or reduced application fee
A group of new American citizens hold up their right hands during the oath ceremony.

We Develop the New American Workforce

By tapping into the talents of New Americans, IIMN supports not only immigrants and refugees who seek rewarding jobs and financial stability, but also employer partners looking for qualified applicants across industries.

3,000 nursing assistants trained and certified
700+ IIMN clients advanced their careers as healthcare professionals since 2000​
400+ New Americans placed in jobs last year
Woman learning how to treat a patient laying on a bed

We Mobilize Community Support to Make Minnesota Welcoming

Thanks to our generous donors, volunteers and community partners, IIMN exists as a resource to support, educate and inspire New Americans to achieve the lives they dream of.

4,000+ New Americans served each year
300+ volunteers strong
52% funding last year came from individual donors, special events and corporate and foundation giving
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