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  • Jane Graupman, Executive Director
    x 312
  • Michael Donahue, Associate Director
    x 318
  • Carol Garbisch, Director of Finance and Administration
    x 305
  • Cheng Lee, Financial Assistant
    x 335
  • Corleen Smith, Office Manager, Immigration Services Director
    x 307
  • Cori Ertz, Development Director
    x 366
  • Kate Raleigh, Executive Assistant and CRM and IT Coordinator
    x 349
  • Aisling Reynolds, Events Manager
    x 309
  • Christie Vogt, Communications Manager
    x 355
  • Greg Gramza, Grant Writer
    x 365
  • Mahima Gupta, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA
    x 361

Refugee Services

  • Micaela Schuneman, Refugee Services Director
    x 338
  • Aziza Mama, Refugee Cash Assistance Coordinator
    x 328
  • Elizabeth Ross, Preferred Communities Coordinator
    x 334
  • Mesfin Tsegay, Case Manager
    x 327
  • Emilia Kaczynski, Case Manager
    x 346
  • Fernanda De La Torre, Resettlement and Matching Grant Program Manager 
    x 329
  • Hussein Abdi, Employment Counselor
    x 356

Health Services

  • Akiko Tanaka, Mental Health Therapist
    x 345
  • Zahra Halboon, Housing Case Manager
    x 351
  • Seynab Miyer, Health Educator
    x 300

Anti-Human Trafficking

  • Sierra Cumberland, Case Manager
    x 343
  • Danielle Joseph, Case Manager
    x 362
  • Kaitlin RamseyCase Manager

Unaccompanied Children Program

  • Elizabeth Fornoni, MSW, LGSW, Case Manager
    x 363


  • Stacy Dietrich, Languages Program Manager
    x 340
  • Emily Livingston, English for Work Instructor
    x 304
  • Emily Richardson, English for Work Instructor
    x 367
  • Cora Neisen, English and Life Skills Instructor
    x 372
  • Ben Jorenby, AmeriCorps VISTA
    x 370

Hospitality Careers Pathway

  • Lynn Thompson, Hospitality Program Manager and Instructor
    x 330
  • Scarlett Xiong, Employment Counselor
    x 357

Financial Coaching

  • Tanya Battista, Financial Coach
    x 358
  • Glenn Beecham, Financial Coach
    x 359

Medical Careers Pathway

  • Michael Donahue, Medical Careers Pathway Director
    x 318

Nursing Assistant Training

  • Julie Garner-Pringle, Nursing Assistant Training Program Manager
    x 314
  • Famata King, Nursing Instructor
    x 339
  • Karen Johnson, Nursing Instructor
    x 310
  • Susan Williams, English Language Instructor
    x 303
  • Faith Loggers-Jamnik, Lead Employment Counselor
    x 324
  • Heidi Anderson, Employment Navigator
    x 316

College Readiness Academy 

  • Elizabeth Fontaine, CRA Manager and Instructor
    x 369
  • Merle Greene, Academic Advantage Manager and CRA Instructor
    x 317
  • Madie Olson Spartz, College Navigator
    x 321
  • Norzin Waleag, College Navigator
    x 353

Medical Career Advancement

  • Brooke Anttila, Medical Career Advancement Manager
    x 313
  • Fathi Ahmed, Medical Career Advancement Navigator
    x 368

Immigration Services

Festival of Nations

  • Aisling Reynolds, Events Manager
    x 309
  • Natasha Singer, Festival of Nations Coordinator
    x 348

MNsure Assistance 

  • Jenny Patrias, MNsure Navigator
    x 320

Front Desk

  • Seynab Miyer, Receptionist and Immigration Services Specialist
    x 300
  • Kristin Nelson, Receptionist and Immigration Services Specialist
    x 300


  • Shelton Ingram, Facility Custodian
    x 300
  • Emilio Irausquin, Facility Custodian
    x 300



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