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Resources for New Americans in Minnesota


Welcome Corps Resources and Ways to Help Refugees

Thank you for your interest in helping newly arrived refugees in Minnesota! The first few months after a family arrives are some of the most important months of their lives. If you are part of a private sponsor group through Welcome Corps, please see the below list of services and classes that may be helpful for the family or individual you’re working with.

*Please note that the International Institute of Minnesota is not affiliated with Welcome Corps, nor can we take over private sponsorship cases. If you need direct help with the family you’re sponsoring, please contact your Welcome Corps support person.

Resources for New Americans

The International Institute of Minnesota offers free classes and job trainings that can help New Americans integrate into their new lives and work toward self-sufficiency (regardless of their resettlement agency/group):

Other Ways to Help New Americans

There are many ways to support New Americans starting new lives in Minnesota!

About Private Sponsorship

If you are interested in becoming a private sponsor for a refugee family or individual, you can learn about the national program at WelcomeCorps.org or in Minnesota at WeAreAlight.org. The International Institute of Minnesota does not oversee or recruit private sponsor groups. 

This fall, the Institute will launch a co-sponsorship program called Side by Side, with a focus on community groups who want to make a meaningful commitment to walk side by side with a refugee or refugee family as they rebuild their lives in Minnesota. It will be a partnership between the arriving family, the Institute, and the Side by Side team. At this time, we are not recruiting for Side by Side.

Please sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay informed about Side by Side’s launch and how to get involved!

Every helping hand makes a difference. Thank you for your commitment to welcoming new neighbors to Minnesota so they can rebuild their lives and contribute to their new communities.

Make an Impact

Your generous support helps refugees and immigrants find safety and fulfillment in their new lives. Donations in any amount fund our essential programs that allow New Americans to receive expert services, learn English, train for meaningful careers and so much more. Please consider making a gift today.

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