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Hospitality Careers Pathway

When newly-arrived clients walk into the Institute, men are more likely to arrive with an education and work history than women. The women arriving are no less capable, but they arrive having experienced diminished access to educational and employment opportunities. The Hospitality Careers Pathway helps these previously under-served New American women build a career in which they can advance to earn a sustainable living.

Hotel Housekeeping

This 100-hour class trains prospective hotel housekeepers in customer service, industry-specific English, housekeeping skills, and soft skills. Students receive workers’ safety and speed training.

Supervisor Training

We help experienced, working housekeepers gain the skills needed to move into a supervisory or training position. Through classes and collaborative workshops with our Hotel Housekeeping class, students will learn positive feedback and teaching techniques as well as develop supervisory skills.

College Readiness in Hospitality

This course is designed to prepare students currently working in the hospitality industry for college-level courses in hotel department management. Students will gain industry-specific skills such as critical thinking, college writing, and technological fluency to support them in pursuing a college degree in hospitality management.

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